Easter 2018

Easter, what a great week!

I had four nights out this easter from beginning to end. Two nights alone and two with a friend. The first night out was in Botnemarka in my hometown, Holmestrand in Vestfold alone. I spent one night there. It was a little rain but the tarp kept me dry and the fire warm. I had brought a couple of logs for my bonfire so it was easy to get a good fire going. It was an easy trip with no struggle and everything was really comfortable and nice. It was easy to find firewoods and a couple of people went by on the ski tracks. I felt safe and warm. Dry and satisfied all the time. I also slept like a baby all night. The only sad thing was that I found a lot of dead bees on the way home. I saw a sign further up in the track that there is a bee farm near by, but I felt so sorry for them, even though i fear them… It is a problem if they all die thought!!


The next night I was at Solum, also in my hometown Holmestrand, also alone. My good friend Tonje drove me to a parking lot, so I could ski from there. I went of with good spirit and I felt really good. I went for a couple of hours and suddenly I heard some people in the ski track, It was Tonje and her husband Gunnar. They came after me, but the thing was that I had a 30kg backpack to carry while they had nothing. So I had used way longer time to get where I was then they did. Witch was really good, because Gunnar carried my backpack the last km. where I made my camp. They stayed for a while and we enjoyed the sun and chat for about an hour. It was really nice to have some visitors in the woods. After they left I took out my shovel and made myself a really good spot for my hammock and my tarp. I got really warm and the sun was really nice and bright. I spent a couple of hours to collect some firewoods so I wouldn’t move around in the dark at night to get some because the snow was really deep! And I could get stuck out there. I made myself an easy meal by «real» and had a ginger beer. Later I had one sip of Talisker whiskey.  It was almost full moon that night and the stars was sparkling. It was really nice to just lay there and watch them. Magical! I made the tarp ready to jult pull down, since I knew that the weatherman had said that it would be rain and snow in the morning. I slept like i baby, but i woke up at 5 in the morning with a lot of wind blowing and the snow came down sideways. Luckily I just pulled the cord on the tarp and took it down and made a knot under my hammock and went back to sleep. After a couple of hours I woke up and packed down my stuff and went home in a light snowstorm and icy ski tracks. This was also a nice and easy trip. Everything went ok, and I had no surprises and no struggle.

All in all, this easter has been a really nice and relaxing time! Good food, good drinks, nice company, and my cat was like a dream to have with me on a trip! Again! She is absolutely no trouble. She really enjoying this and she is like a «non listening dog» and she stays by my side. I just love her! I went skiing, I went walking and I had a lot of spring feeling this easter. NICE! Thank you mother earth! And thank you good friends!

And here are some photos from easter 2018.IMG_6789



I had some nice trips into the forest the last two day of easter. I ate lunch and dinner. (the last seven pictures) #lifeisbestoutside

Sharpen the ax, fix some stuff and be creative!

The time has come to sharpen my ax and some of my knifes. When I use them they tend to get a little blunt. IMG_5155

As I always do, I first “google” stuff to figure out how to do things, then I usually end up with YouTube.  Today i found a great video on how to sharpen my ax the lazy way, but the thing was that I didn’t have the right tools to do it, at least I thought so. So I started being creative. I searched  for other ways to do it. Then, as I said, I found this nice video Bushcraft Axe Work: Sharpening that showed how I could sharpen my ax with a pebble and some oil. I used coconut oil and a couple of pebbles I already had on a tray in my living room, and it worked great!

I love to find ways to do stuff without bying a lot of expensive gear in order to get thing done. I kinda made it into “a sport”. And it´s fun. I love finding used stuff and repair things I already have. Figuring out the who, what and hows. I learn a lot out of it as well.


A couple of days ago I went on a litte day trip on skies and manage to fall over an branch and rip up my brand new pants. I became so angry and sad that I started to cry (mostly because it really hurt, I have this huge blue mark behind my thigh now) but anyway… I probably won’t get to return my new pants, so i figured I´ll fixe it today, and it became really good. I’m really happy with myself!


I also use to repair my sock that my mother makes for me. 💚 They really are the best sock ever! I use them all the time and I have one in every colour!  Love them!

So folks, lets do something good for mother earth who gives us SO much joy and love. Lets be aware of our consumption, our buying and what we throw away. Buy used stuff, swap with others, give away and fix up what you have. That way we will save the environment and mother earth!

Be creative! 💚🌳🌎🌳💚